LoL Points

LoL Points are the main scoring system used for each tournament. Users receive 1 LoL Point for any correct tip and 0 for an incorrect tip.

Choose Score

Users are required to enter their predicted score for each match they enter a tip for. First, select the team you think will win the match. Then choose a score (either 2-0 or 2-1).

Avg Public %

This is the average correct tip percentage of all entrants within a specific tournament.


Margin is used to differentiate entrants that share the same Tip % and LoL Points. The margin is determined by how closely each users' tips are to the exact score. The lower your margin, the better.

Your Score Prediction Actual Score Margin
2-0 Win 2-0 Win 0
2-0 Win 2-1 Win 1
2-0 Win 2-1 Loss 3
2-0 Win 2-0 Loss 4
2-1 Win 2-0 Win 1
2-1 Win 2-1 Win 0
2-1 Win 2-1 Loss 2
2-1 Win 2-0 Loss 3

Current Streak

This shows the current streak of correct tips for a user. An incorrect tip will reset current streak back to zero.

Longest Streak

This is the most consecutive correct tips a user has picked at any stage during the tournament.

Clean Sweep

This is the number of times a user has correctly selected 4/4 tips within a single game week.

Perfect Week

This is the number of times a user has currently selected 4/4 correct tips and correctly picked the exact score in all matches within a single game week.

Predicted Score

These can be found on the results page after matches have been completed. These percentages represent the teams and exact scores chosen by all users for that game.


Achievements are tasks you can complete by Tipping. There are various badges to unlock. As you progress more badges and tasks become available. Please check out the Achievements page for more information.